Focus on SMC cores
SMCs for Transverse Flux Machines(TFM)
transverse flux machines

the transverse flux motor (TFM) is capable of producing very high torque per unit volume provided that the pole number is high. TFMs are thus most suitable for direct drive applications demanding high torque at low speed, where the elimination of a gearbox can result in reduced weight, cost, losses and maintenance.

One of the disadvantages of TFMs is complex structure with three-dimensional (3D) magnetic fields. It is very difficult to construct TFMs by using laminated steel sheets.

Soft magnetic composites (SMCs) materials have isotropic magnetic properties and low eddy current loss, making them potentially ideal for the armatures of 3D flux machines, such as claw pole and TFMs. In these machines, the armature carries significant magnetic field in all three directions. This is only achievable using SMC material.



• Simple assembly
• Very high torque density
• Minimal Cu-wire volume
• Compact geometry, can reduce electric motors sizes
• Possible elimination of gearboxes in direct drive applications
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