Focus on SMC cores
smaller, lighter with higher efficience
axial flux machines

How to increase the motor torque? - Axial flux motor

● same volume
● same air gap area
Length to diameter ratio 1:4, inner diameter ID=0.6×outer diameter OD
Increase torque by 25% or reduce weight by 25%

Axial flux motor-silicon steel sheet winding process


● Complicated process, it is difficult to ensure the flatness of the tooth groove and the uniform air gap
● Low productivity, not suitable for large quantities

characteristics of soft magnetic composites

● High-purity iron powder coated by nano-scale insulation
● Isotropic, three-dimension molding
● Powder metallurgy pressing, simple heat treatment process
● Suitable for mass production

Advantages of soft magnetic composites applied to axial flux motor

Excellent craft
Three-dimensional net forming, material utilization rate is close
Simple winding and offline, high slot full rate
Fewer parts, easy to assemble
Convenient parts recycling

Compact structure
Higher power density and lighter weight
The axial effective length is shorter
Easy system integration design

Excellent performance
High torque and high power density
Three-dimensional heat conduction is uniform, high heat load
Integrated cooling design of winding, better power density
Low loss at mid/high frequency and high efficiency

Comparison of weight of radial flux motor (RFM) and axial flux motor (AFM)


RFM- Winding process


AFM-Winding process

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