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To reduce eddy current losses in the stator or rotor, these are usually designed as a stack of laminations.  there is a bigselection of electrical steel with different properties in all price ranges. Within the sheet plane, electrical steel has a very high magnetic conductivity but a very low magnetic conductivity perpendicular at the same time. In electrical machines with 2D flow, such as asynchronous, synchronous and switched reluctance machines, this is fine. In machines with three-dimensional flow control, such as transversal or axial flux machines; however, this property is highly disadvantages.

Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) material is the solution. each of SMC particle is covered with an insulating layer, after pressed by PM technology and heat-treated, low electrical conductivity and thus very low eddy current losses can display. Due to the material structure, SMC is isotropic and 3D magnetic flux, compared to electrical steel, lower iron losses at higher frequency(>200HZ). 


Abstract Permanent magnet motors with transverse flux structure have been developed for application in direct drive systems featuring high torque at low speed. Most of High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans motors are also in transverse flux structure, the three-dimensional nature of magnetic fields, however, makes the electric laminations a serious disadvantage. Soft magnetic composite material possesses a number of unique properties such as the magnetic isotropy, which is particularly suitable for electrical machines with three-dimensional magnetic fields. SMCs can help High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans motors get rid of gearbox, then the total height of the motor be much shorter, and there's less noisy in the atmosphere.



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