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 In a gasoline engine, the ignition system's job is to ignite the air-fuel mixture. The ignition system, in addition to the spark plugs that spark in the combustion chambers, consists of an ignition coil, which converts battery voltage to higher voltage, and the spark plug wires that connect these components.

 Somaloy is a soft magnetic composite material that is isotropic and has a high resistivity for electromagnetic applications. Somaloy is the best material for pencil coil and coil on plug ignition systems due to its unique combination of high magnetic saturation, 3D flux properties, and net-shaped components.

 Somaloy is designed for high-volume, low-cost component production through the Powder Metallurgy (PM) forming process. The components are normally ready for further assembly into the magnetic circuit of the application after compaction and heat treatment. They allow for the creation of space-saving coil/core assemblies in a variety of motor topologies where high efficiency and compact design are required.

 Combustion engines run more efficiently together with high-power ignition systems. High energy storage is the core key. The Somaloy powder core for ignition systems generates high voltage energy output without compromising the size. The compact size ignition coil can be mounted directly on the spark plug. Thanks to higher energy output to the ignition, the fuel consumption becomes lower, which contributes to less emissions.

What does ignition system get from soft magnetic composites?


• High productivity and cost competitiveness through an automated process

• Net-shaped 3D components made with very low scrap rate

• Pre-wound slide-on and tightly wound coils

Compact design

• High volumetric efficiency

• Flexible solutions thanks to 3D properties

• Greater design freedom

High performance

• High magnetic saturation

• High voltage energy output

• Fast and accurate ignition

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